Predator Ridge Resort

What makes our culinary experience so different at Predator Ridge? Our food is globally inspired, yet created using simple ingredients that are locally and responsibly sourced whenever possible – because fresh and delicious go hand-in-hand.  Order pick-up or delivery from Range on the Run, Commonage on the Run, or Pallino's on the Run.

If you are ordering delivery please enter your address as "Predator Ridge" and add your specific location (Falcon Point, Affinity, Peregrine, Hotel Lodge, or Tips) and your unit number in the Special Instructions at the end of your order.


Range on the Run

Variety is always available as the entire menu here is designed collaboratively by all our chefs and cooks.  Grab a meal and a premium wine, cocktail, or beer to go with it.

Commonage on the Run

We offer general groceries, local Okanagan wines, beers & liquors, local produce & delicacies, sundry items and more.  We are fully stocked for everything you may need.

Pallino's on the Run

Our casual Italian-themed bistro eats are going to make your mouth water, from thin crust pizzas to baked pastas, including a Italian beers and wines to go with your meal.